Spirit of the Streets Choir
Announcing Sing For Health Week

Go to the www.singforhealth.org.au website here.

See here for details of our Act-Belong-Commit Sing for Health Concert on Friday 20 May. It will be an inspirational concert that will include 8 Choirs for the finale to Sing for Health Week that is certain to have the audience tapping their feet, singing along or dancing in the ailes.

Sing for Health Week (16-22 May 2016) aims to create awareness of the health benefits of singing, and provide an opportunity for people to come together in song, to build vibrant, diverse, healthy singing communities.Sing For Health Week

Something magical happens when people sing together and everyone is on the same pulse. Singer/songwriter, Bernard Carney has written a song to create the magic. Pass the Song Along is set on a journey to unite communities in song. Join with us to keep the song moving and Pass the Song Along.

  1. Watch and share the song on YouTube
  2. Download the music score
  3. Download the backing track and even a Karaoke version (just Right-Click and save the linked file)
  4. Sing it with colleagues or friends
  5. Record it on your device of choice and 
  6. Upload it to our Facebook site

We don’t care what you sound like, just have fun, share with others, share with us and keep the song moving!

Make your own version, in your own style.
Sing it loud, sing it soft or sing it rock and roll. Sign it, hip hop it or sing it as the blues.
The song is anything you want the song to be – Just lift your voice and Pass the Song Along

Our Stories


In their everyday lives, the members of the Spirit of the Streets Choir experience social disadvantage, isolation and often stigma by way of their circumstances which may include either a mental, neurological, physical disability or homelessness.


Each member has their own personal story to tell, and at performances will often describe their journey and the way in which the fellowship of the Choir has helped them find a new confidence in their life.

The Choir provides a non-discriminatory, non-judgmental, safe and nurturing environment where each individual feels acknowledged and valued. At the same time they are encouraged and inspired to see past the difficulties and disadvantages of their daily lives to achieve the very best they can as a member of the Choir family. There is no discrimination by way of race, sex, culture or creed or the ability to read music.

Book the Choir for your next event

If you are interested in having the Choir perform at your next function, visit the Book the Choir page to read more. You can also download the Choir Booking Form here. Information on how to complete the form can be obtained from this page.